What you always wanted to know about NVC: With Roxy Manning

And find out all about the IIT with Roxy in Germany this year

  • 28. Juni 2023, 19:00 Uhr
    – 28. Juni 2023, 20:30 Uhr

Roxy Manning

We are very excited to have Roxy Manning as a member of our trainers team at the IIT in Germany this September. Due to this occasion, Roxy will offer this free 90 minute Q&A session on “What you always wanted to know about NVC, but where afraid to ask”.

This is a great opportunity to bring any question or dilemma that you have in your practice of NVC, things like:

  • What to do in my intimate relationship?
  • Responding to micro aggressions
  • NVC and diversity
  • NVC in the family, with children etc.
  • How can NVC support feedback?
  • What to do with people who don’t want to communicate?
  • Don’t we sometimes have to use punishment?
  • Why are observations so important?
  • What are the limits of NVC?
  • …….?

Roxy is ready to engage and explore any of the questions you bring. This is a great opportunity to get some deep insights into NVC and at the same time get to know Roxy and find out more about the IIT in Germany, that she is taking part in as one of the trainers.

The NVC-questions part will run up to 60 minutes and after that we will leave time for your questions around the IIT.


Register for free AND already submit a question (in the text box). Amongst all of you, two people will win their choice of either of Roxys two upcoming books!  See HERE Roxys 2 upcoming books

Cu on Monday! 🙂


Mai 28th 2023

Roxy Manning

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