Awakening to Life Intensive Week 2023 Madison VA / USA

International Event

  • 3. September 2023, 18:00 Uhr
    – 10. September 2023, 14:00 Uhr

Iris Bawidamann & Jürgen Engel

Jürgen and Iris have participated, assisted and led several Awakening to Life Intensives (ATL). Both are long-time students of Robert Gonzales and Robert Krzisnik, the creators of ATLs.

I have experienced hundreds of workshop days and dozens of retreats, so what could be new? What could excite or surprise me?
A week where anything can happen. Where there is space for everything that arises and the life in us may blossom in its full beauty and intensity.

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6 1/2 Day Intensive Experiential Retreat with Jürgen Engel & Iris Bawidamann

You are familiar with the Dyad-meditation process and want to take the next step to fully dive into presence, connection with your true self and meeting life in its full beauty and intensity?
The Awakening to Life provides the container to dive deeper and fly higher than you may have experienced in other formats and contexts

We both Iris and Jürgen feel very excited and honored to continue this work of “Awakening to Life” and step into the footsteps of our beloved friends and teachers. Robert Gonzales, who has passed away in November 2021, and Robert Krzisnik, who passed away in August,2022.

It is deeply important and meaningful for us to mention and honor both Roberts in their deep exploration of life and spirituality and their creation of the „Awakening to Life Intensive“ retreats. Thank you both for creating this, your friendship, sharing these gifts with us and for inviting us to journey together with you!

We are inviting you on a journey of

  • direct experiencing, sensing and being
  • embodying our deepest authenticity
  • venturing beyond head-centered thinking to reclaim wholeness
  • witnessing the mystery of existence unfold

An „Awakening to Life Intensive“ is a unique, once in a lifetime experience and does not fit for everyone. So, we invite you to thoroughly read the following description and check if this might be for you:

What to expect from the Awakening to Life Intensive:

Fully experiential retreat
The main focus of the retreat will be on direct experiencing primarily through dyad work but also through individual and group processes, including body movement and integration time in nature. Facilitators will be there not to teach, but to offer guidance and support.

Intensity and dedication
This retreat will be held as a sacred time for our deepest Self. By “intensive retreat” we mean that:

  •  we will be working from around 7:00 in the morning to around 10:00 in the evening;
  •  we ask you to refrain from using the internet (including email & mobile phone), unless absolutely urgent, for the duration of the entire retreat;
  •  we will be inviting you, during breaks and free time, to keep your intention and focus on conscious inquiry into your deepest authenticity (rather than engaging in conversation and casual socializing)
  •  Every day follows a highly structured and balanced schedule, with a fine balance of intensity, relaxation, bodywork and integration of experiences and insights

Embracing what is
This is not a self-improvement workshop, in which certain aspects of ourselves would be perceived as needing change, fixing, or healing. The participants will be continuously encouraged to experience and embrace the whole, rather than move from an “imperfect” state to a “better” one.

Courage and openness
This week can be challening in many ways. You may be tired and frustrated at times, in total bliss and presence or any other state you can imagine. Challenging, painful and sad parts of you may surface and want to be seen, held and integrated. Powerful, exciting and wild parts may emerge as well, all of life will be welcome. It’s not about “feeling good” all the time, it’s about embracing everything that arises. You will need to bring courage and a clear decicion to fully engage.


You may self responsibly choose your
tuition on a scale between € 1200,- and 300,- €.
Please read below, if you like more background about our philosophy of the sliding scale.

Prices for room, board and overheads are:
double room $1900
single room $2200
triple or more $1700

Note regarding tuition sliding scale:

For about 10 years, Jürgen and Iris have experimented with sliding scales and are continuously thrilled with the results:

  • people joining at the low end who otherwise would not be able to join

  • people contributing at the high end for whom it’s easy, and who, for example, do not have a huge financial impact through COVID, and love to contribute to others who cannot afford seminars otherwise

  • people paying an average for whom the costs of the seminar might be a stretch but they manage, and are willing to contribute.

We are aware that for many people this is unfamiliar, and it may be a struggle to find the level of contribution. We welcome you to join the experiment; reach out if you need assistance or support in balancing needs with strategies.

Sevenoaks has multiple diverse room configurations, which include singles, doubles, triples, quadruples and more! People who choose single rooms will likely be staying in a room with 2 or more beds hence limiting the number of beds available for the group, however we can likely accommodate a number of people for whom it is important to have a single, so feel completely free to request a single. If you would like to room with friends or strangers, please share your preference and how many per room is acceptable to you.

Sevenoaks requires a 20% non-refundable deposit to hold the dates.  The planning team in the U.S. (of Julie Ericksen, Rhonda Freeman, and Jeff Haberer) does not have an organization that can take this financial risk.

To support financial sustainability and, hopefully, inclusivity, we have come up with the following strategy:$500 non-refundable deposit with registration (unless the retreat is canceled).

Once we have 14 deposits, we will be able to book the venue.

We welcome you to register at Registration for US ATL 2023 as soon as possible if you are interested in this retreat, so that we can confirm the venue.


Listen HERE to what former participants of Awakening to Life retreats share about their experience

Robert Maoz Kržišnik, Co-Founder of the “Awakening to Life” about current developments: “Dear friends, it has been over two years since Robert Gonzales and myself led our last Awakening to Life Intensive, and, sadly, we will not be doing them together ever again. As Awakenings to Life Intensives have gained a solid popularity, contributing immensely to participants, I want them to continue living on: so I am expanding the team with people that both Robert and myself had incredible trust in, namely Iris Bawidamann, Jurgen Engel, Sarah Dekker and Nic Burnand, to carry the flame on, with all the support that I am able to provide, while I take time to settle into this new reality and wait for the spark to invite me to start co-facilitating them again. If you want to learn a bit more about this evolvement, please have a look at this 4-minute video, in which I give a bit more of context. With love and hope to meet you again sometime. Robert”



Full immersion 6,5 day residential retreats

September 3rd-10th, 2023

The retreat starts with dinner at 06:00 p.m. and ends with lunch at 02:00 p.m.

Sevenoaks Retreat Center – Madison, VA –  U.S.

We would like the participants to have had at least four (4) full days of training in Nonviolent Communication with a CNVC certified trainer as well as experience with multi day Dyad-Retreats or a similar experience outside the NVC community. If in doubt, please talk to us before registering.

Tuition: 1200-300$
Room, board, overheads: 2200-1700$.

Iris Bawidamann & Jürgen Engel

Jürgen and Iris have participated, assisted and led several Awakening to Life Intensives (ATL). Both are long-time students of Robert Gonzales and Robert Krzisnik, the creators of ATLs.